Women Rights & Empowerment

In the current post 15th August 2021 scenario, over 75% population lives below the poverty line and this crunches women and children the hardest. Women and girls face major obstacles to education, employment, and independent decision-making in their homes, communities and institutions. Even in the Pre Taliban regime, our assessment reveal that more the 70% of Afghan women are illiterate and around 80 % of Afghan women ,girls and children has suffered from at least one type of abuse, including physical or psychological violence, and 50-70% face forced marriage – many before the age of 18. We work for women to claim their rights (social, economic, religious and political) and their empowerment , so that they can lift themselves out of poverty and contribute to the development of Afghanistan.

Our Expertise

1. Rights awareness /advocacy strategies on GBV and women’s rights and gender equality.
2. GBV and child rights prevention responses
3. Livelihood support/vocational trainings
4. Right Awareness media production
5. MHPSS counseling
6. Right Campaigns implementation
7. Awareness through print media/ Radio/ TV/ social media
8. Stakeholders coordination and networking
9. Conferences facilitation
10. Round table discussion
11. Child protection
12. Child friendly spaces (CFS & MH CFS)
13. Community mobilization