Child Rights & Child Protection

Our assessment indicates the fact that  children constitute one of the the most vulnerable social group in Afghanistan. Economic poverty is prima facie victimizing children specially girls. Examples include the role of economics in child marriage,  child labor, and the access of children to education. Lack of public awareness on the child rights and needs of children has further derailed the situation specially for children with disability, the orphaned,  and children under detention.

With over 13 years of experience , our staff are able to approach sensitive and complicated women and child issues

including women’s empowerment and child abuse even in some of the most remote villages.                                                

  • Our Expertise
    1. Rights awareness /advocacy strategies on GBV and women’s rights and gender equality.
    2. GBV and child rights prevention responses
    3. Livelihood support/vocational trainings
    4. Right Awareness media production
    5. MHPSS counseling
    6. Right Campaigns implementation
    7. Awareness through print media/ Radio/ TV/ social media
    8. Stakeholders coordination and networking
    9. Conferences facilitation
    10. Round table discussion
    11. Child protection
    12. Child friendly spaces (CFS & MH CFS)
    13. Community mobilization