Basic Health, Nutrition & WASH

Health  services are  one of the key necessities of any community. The basic health care incorporates a pre-emptive approach that utilizes  preventive  measures,  management of chronic disease, and  promoting  self-care. It also provides increased accessibility to advanced health system. In WASH services, we used to ensure the continuous supply of water and its quality, presence of reasonable sanitation facilities and  availability of soap and  water for handwashing.  Adequate water, sanitation and  hygiene  are  essential components of providing basic health  services. The provision of WASH in health care facilities serves to prevent  infections and  spread of disease, protect staff and patients, and uphold the dignity of vulnerable population. We implemented many interventions on basic health care & WASH specially during covid-19 pandemic. We are presently implementing a WASH project funded by

UN agency in Kunar.

Our Expertise

1. Basic health consultation
2. Awareness raising of SRHR, ANC, PN and SBA
3. Pandemic control awareness campaigns.
4. WASH survey
5. Wells construction
6. Water supply system
7. Water testing
8. Supply of hygiene kits
9. Supply of Dignity Kits
10. Nutrition consultation
11. Facilitation of temporary clinics in remote areas.